Monday February 14, 2011
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Moonshine Bandits Release Their Album Cover

The newest members to the Subnoize Family, the Moonshine Bandits, released their cover art for their new album Whiskey and Women; which is set to release on May 10th, 2011! 

Here's a message from Tex of the Moonshine Bandits on their new album and joining the Subnoize Tribe:

Hey wasup Everyone-
"We just got off the road touring with the band REHAB (sittin' at a bar song) and we are trying to give our liver a rest before heading back on the road with Subnoize.....We just got an email from the Subnoize offices and our release date for our new cd "Whiskey and Women" is May 10, 2011.  This album is a mix of Hiphop, Rock, and Outlaw Country music.  We got some heavy hitters on this album.  We have always been a fan of how Big B writes music from a songwriters perspective.  We did a few shows with B and reached out to him for a song we have called "For the Outlawz". Big B spit some hard flows on it, then we got the idea to add our southern friend Colt Ford to the song.  Colt sold over 200,000 units independently and has just been nominated for an ACM (Academy of Country Music Award) and he put down the perfect verse to complete the song.  It will definitely be a banger that all types of Outlaws can bump.  We reached out to the  Daddy X and Dirtball, and they spit some super sick shit on a song we have called "Fire It Up", it will definitely be a party anthem!  We also have Danny Boone from REHAB, Sunny Ledfurd and more on this album.  And the production is off the fish hooks."
tip it don't sip it,
Moonshine Bandits - SFFS SHINER NATION

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