Wednesday April 04, 2012
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FaygoLuvers Review: Weedman EP



D-Loc’s Weedman EP opens up with a cut called “Weedman”, reminiscent of

older Kottonmouth Kings material. The song is up-tempo and has a

slightly rock-ish vibe with no shortage of the KMK bumps. The song seems

like something that would go over very well live, as its energetic and

the hook is easy to repeat. By track 3, “Pass That” it has become

apparent that the production on this album does a good job of melding

the old sound with the new. The beats definitely have that distinct

Kottonmouth sound we’ve all grown accustomed to. The flows are still

mostly about weed even though they should have run out of things to say

about it by now. Nevertheless, the EP keeps bumpin’ with good energy.


Kottonmouth Kings make an appearance as a whole on the next song “From

The Kings”. Or at least it says so. I don’t hear anybody but D-Loc on

this song, but what do I know. Weird song for that reason, it’s a good

one but the fact that I’m waiting for Richter or Dirtball to chime in

makes it funny the first time you hear it. “Smoke Out” has a beat that

sounds like 90’s samples mixed with electronic sounds that give it a

dope retro/new school feel at the same time. I’d have to say it’s my

favorite on the EP. The EP wraps up with a song called “Burn It Down”

and is reminiscent of some mad old school shit. Funky and slow, this

song hits hard and Loc laces it properly. This is the best smoking song

on the EP, perfect for laying back and burning one down.


At a whopping 19 minutes long, it’s just long enough for you to bump it

once and move on to something else. Good move for artists to just pump

out short projects when you consider today’s short attention spans. The

Weedman EP is a digital only release, and the worst part about it is

that you’re paying 99 cents for an intro which is mostly just laughing,

pitch shifted up to sound like someone on helium for 20 seconds.


I’d recommend downloading this one if you’re a huge KMK collector/fan or

just really like D-Loc’s solo shit. Deuce.


Favorite Tracks:

Smoke Out


19 Minutes 17 Seconds

Record Label:

Suburban Noize Records

Release Date:



Weedman on iTunes - $5.94


Weedman on Suburban Noize Records


Papa Oculus

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