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More than two years ago Wicked Wisdom set out on a fearless journey to create music that defies boundaries and convention. Fronted by Jada Koren and backed by a live band whose resume displays a wealth of live and recorded projects, Wicked Wisdom has given birth to a sound that cannot be confined in a single genre. Seamlessly fusing the screaming guitars of heavy rock, driving drums of speed metal and unmistakably locked grooves of funk, with a melodic vocal style that is at the same time fierce and vulnerable, Wicked Wisdom tap into the blood line that fuels the human condition. This powerful music will be the soundtrack to revolutions as it pulses with an appeal so broad the typical restraints of our societies fall by the wayside. -------------- When Wicked Wisdom's Music Director Pocket tuned down his Guitar and started writing new material with recent addition Cameron A.K.A. Young Beige the two realized they were creating a truly explosive sound. This new sound combined with Jada Korens searingly honest and revealing vocals proved the band was on the right path. The addition of Fishbone founding member Fish on the drums pushed the sound even deeper into the depths of a hard, dark soundscape. Bass player Rio extreme stage presence can only be topped by his ability to fly through his booming bass riffs with an easy aggression. Rhythm Guitarist and keyboard player Korel plays the crucial role of maintaining this band's hard melody while accompanying Pocket's wild guitar style. -------------- As we all know there is only one place to test a new band, the live stage. Live, Wicked Wisdom eclipses the sum of its parts. Jada Koren is, of course, a confident performance artist. Although few could foresee how brightly she would shine, her stage persona fills the venue and demands attention. Live, the other members of the band do more than back Jada; they murder their parts like the world depends on it. It was not long before the Wicked Wisdom live show garnered major buzz and caught the attention of influential ears, including Ozzfest tour organizer Sharon Osbourne. -------------- "I went to see Wicked Wisdom play last April in a tiny (Los Angeles) club at midnight, let me tell you, I was blown away. When you see and hear Jada with her band it's apparent that she has nothing but love and respect for this genre of music. I totally respect that the band wants to pay their dues playing the second stage on Ozzfest." - Sharon Osbourne -------------- The invitation to perform at Ozzfest comes at a perfect time for the band Wicked Wisdom who is set to release its self titled debut on 100% Womon Records. The release will coincide with the kick-off of Ozzfest 2005. The album and tour will answer all questions. -------------- Like it or not were coming for that Ass - Wicked Wisdom

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