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The Dirtball is at the forefront of the underground scene that is taking over hip-hop. In a time of downward spiraling record sales, The Dirtball’s career has managed to flourish as he has rocketed into national fame with the persistence and will to survive in the jungle that is the music business. He has managed to build his fan base by promoting his solo career and as a member of the Kottonmouth Kings. His strong work ethic and explosive live shows have earned him tours with Tech N9ne, (hed) PE, Insane Clown Posse and a spot on one of the highest grossing independent tours, The Strange Noize Tour. Creating a stir in the underground live music scene, The Dirtball snaps off raps that will make skeptics think twice about the capabilities of rappers.

Dubbed Oregon¹s "King of Rapid-Fire Rhyme", The Dirtball's ear for creating infectious rhymes gives his albums a versatility that stretch through a variety of styles, from infectious hip-hop, blazed out rock beats, to grimy battle raps, making him one of the most musically ambitious rappers on  the scene.

The Dirtball speaks about his latest release “Nervous System”:

“When I set out to begin recording this record two years ago, I really wanted to create my own version of a classic hip-hop record”, commented The Dirtball. “Albums like Eazy-E's ‘Eazy-Duz It’ and Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ are both timeless and those records were the standard that I used when I created my album. My goal was to make a record that listeners could come back to a decade later and it would still sound fresh.”

The Dirtball’s brand of hip-hop can never be accused of sounding stale as his machinegun delivery attacks a barrage of banging West Coast beats with monstrous results. The album begins with an intro that sounds like a twisted audio sequel as a physician administers more drugs to the Oregon based emcee. The intro injects listeners into The Dirtball’s “Nervous System” and shoots them right into the West Coast bash on "I Came to Party". The album’s high octane hip-hop adds some alt-rock flavor courtesy of Big B on “Karma Bite,” while Kottonmouth Kings’ co-member Johnny Richter drops in on the intoxicating “Spill Zone”. The Dirtball is joined by another Kottonmouth Kings’ co-member Daddy X to blaze a new West Coast weed anthem on "Lets' Do It” and Psychopathic Records Blaze Ya Dead Homie helps to explore the depths of maniacal minds on "The Paper".

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