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La Coka Nostra is a breath of fresh air in these days of contrived airbrushed rap music. LCN isn’t trying to gloss shit up in the least. They like it crusty and gritty the way rap music should be. Somewhere along the lines people forgot about groups like the mighty Wu-Tang Clan, Ultra Magnetics, Cypress Hill, and the dirty raw aesthetic these groups had. La Coka Nostra sure didn’t. They embrace the darkness, stench, and all who aren’t afraid to be celebrate it.

LCN’s music is a much needed return to the days of sex, drugs & rap ‘n’ roll, a sentiment that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the groups growing legion of fans. La Coka rocks for the kids that dig hardcore punk rock and rap and don’t give a fuck who knows about it.

Composed of members Ill Bill, Slaine, Everlast, Danny Boy, and DJ Lethal; La Coka isn’t rapping for the Hollywood set even if you see them on the mean streets in the city of angels. La Coka Nostra is bringing that punch you in the jaw to rap music that the world has been missing for too damn long.

La Coka Nostra reps for the unrepresented legions of kids that are understandably bored by the state of rap music these days. In this day and age of songs about 24’s, candy coated paint jobs, dance routines, and faux gangsterisms, La Coka Nostra is that stench of mosh pit rap that hip-hop needs so badly right now in order to preserve its vitality.


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