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"There are people that want to write the Kottonmouth Kings off as a one-dimensional weed band, but that’s because it's easy to put a label on what we do.  Yes we love weed and champion the cause, but the levels and depths of our songs go a lot deeper than just that one dimension, " Daddy X.

The Kottonmouth Kings are more than just a group, they’re a legendary institution ingrained into the fabric of the underground independent music scene.  They’ve transcended labels and stereotypes to become pioneers and vanguards that have helped inspire and revolutionize the music industry.

The Kottonmouth Kings never conformed to the slavery mindset of the exploitive shallow confines of the music industry.  They created their own industry.  Led by founder Brad (DADDY) X, and made up of members D-LOC, THE DIRTBALL, JOHNNY RICHTER, and DJ BOBBY B, the group has been on the frontlines of a revolution that’s changed the music industry.  Shunned by the mainstream press and media outlets, blackballed for their radical lyrics and controversial stances on legalization, politics and social injustice, The Kings have managed to stand the test of time for more than 15 years.

Musically, The Kings’ production has always been overseen and directed by mastermind Brad "DADDY" X, who has pushed the kings to evolve by infusing hip hop, punk rock, and melodic sonic layers of original music. What sets the Kottonmouth Kings apart from the pack, and makes them such a dynamic and complex group, is that all its members have released solo records and side projects (X-PISTOLS, KINGSSPADE, SUBNOIZE SOULJAS, HUMBLE GODS).  This musical freedom allows the members to display and evolve the depths of their individual talents and range.

When they come together, they create a unique group that has ventured into territories that few, if any, have ever traveled. The kings constant cycle of creating fresh content and touring has enabled them to evolve, elevate, thrive and grow. The Kings have amassed a huge catalogue of songs with more than 20 records in their discography.  Their energetic live shows are legendary – the lifeline and epicenter of the kingdom. The kings have created a loyal and diehard fan base, and spawned a rebellious lifestyle movement.  Since its formation, the group has generated millions of fans, received more than 50 million YouTube® plays and has sold well over 2 million albums, all done completely independently!

Though the Kottonmouth Kings are hugely underrated and overlooked by the industry, there is very good reason why they’re still around and successful after all these years.

"The Kings have the greatest fans and family in the world, and they validate our music!  We have a connection with each other, an understanding, sense of belonging, and a common ground," says Daddy X. "That is a very powerful and amazing gift that allows a group to bring people together and inspire and uplift with music.  We are beyond blessed!”

The Kottonmouth Kings are also setting new standards and inspiring an entire generation of self motivated groups and artists.  They’re completely self-empowered, overseeing every aspect of the kingdom from production, videos, Web sites, and merchandise.  Daddy X and Kings manager Kevin Zinger have built a highly successful independent label, Suburban Noize Records, to market and distribute their music, as well as critically acclaimed albums from, HED PE, Kingsspades, Big b, Saigon, La Coka Nostra featuring members of House of Pain, Swollen Members and Unwritten Law amongst others.  The success of Suburban Noze Records has allowed the Kottonmouth Kings to create music without the bureaucratic red tape, and offer fair recording contracts where the label and artists are equal partners.

Throughout the group’s 15-year career, The Kings have refused to remain stagnant.  Without the aid of radio, MTV, or mainstream press, the Kottonmouth Kings have somehow managed to evolve and enjoy some of the best success of their career more than a decade after the release of their debut album.  The group refuses to allow the music business to dictate the terms, which has allowed them to harvest another batch of musical rip-hop that will surely be celebrated by fans for years to come.

"There are people that want to write the Kottonmouth Kings off as a one-dimensional weed band, but that’s because it's easy to put a label on what we do.  Anyone who can't look past the weed references on our albums are completely missing out on some of our best material,” adds Daddy X.   “Yes we do write songs about weed and legalization, but we also write about life, love, politics and the beauty of our planet.  We have a passion for music and that is why on a Kottonmouth Kings record you have punk-rock songs next to mellow acoustic tracks or right alongside some crazy West Coast hip-hop.”

As a result of 15 years of blood, sweat and tears, the Kottonmouth Kings have created originality and timeless records and tracks that will be resonating from speakers worldwide for Decades to come.

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