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"Dogboy," One of the favorite voices and personalities of Suburban Noize Records and Kottonmouth Kings fans worldwide, sets to release his long awaited solo release "Rebel Riddim," Dogboy was the vocalist on Kottonmouth Kings™ biggest selling releases. Dogboy was featured on the Kings classic "Dogs Life," a song that landed on multiple soundtracks, MTV, and national radio. After multiple tours with the Kottonmouth Kings, Dogboy has completed a masterpiece of multiple dimensions showcasing his songwriting and singing abilities . "Rebel Riddim" is a unique blend of styles incorporating influences from Reggae, Beatles, Stones, Marley, Clash, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Pop sensibilities, making this one of the most refreshing and interesting releases to come from the Sub Noize label...this spring release will coincide with a video and nationwide radio promotion for the first single "Can't Buy Soul," a retro-sounding 60s influenced classic...

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