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Who is Danny Diablo? Many stories told, some true, some exaggerated, tell a myth of a fearless street fighter, a Keyser Soze of sorts, who repeatedly finds himself in uncompromising situations, forced to confront impossible odds, only to emerge victorious time and time again, virtually unscathed, usually with a girl in one hand and a beer in the other. If James Bond were from the streets, he would be Danny Diablo. Born Danny Singer back in the seventies, Diablo was the first child to proud and loving parents mom a Puerto Rican from the East River Houses in Spanish Harlem and dad a Jewish cop from Brooklyn, with red hair and blue eyes, who worked the streets of Spanish Harlem. “I was born in money making Manhattan, because my mom worked in Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital,” recalls Danny, “but I was raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, home of the drug cartels and crackheads.”

The oldest of three kids, Danny was raised on music and strong family values. “Growing up in Queens, especially in Jackson Heights, you heard all kinds of music: hip hop, salsa, meringue, classic rock, metal, blues, folk.” But it was Danny’s Uncle Tafty who opened his eyes and ears to music. “He had one eye, the other one was glass but a different color, because he was ghetto, and he always used to play guitar and sing for me.

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