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DJ Bobby B, born in Riverside, CA is a DJ with well over a decade’s experience, having started with a band called “The Neighborhoods” in the late 1980s. He is currently the DJ for the group Kottonmouth Kings. He has been involved in many joint ventures with other groups such as Tsunami Brothers (including Kottonmouth Kings’s D-Loc on the turntables). He has recorded tracks for various other artists, including Tommy Lee. His solo projects include: 99 Rips Beyond (1999), Built From Scratch (2001), and Diggin’ in Crates (2004). Dj Bobby B was once a professional body surfer, and a sponsored dirt bike rider.

The Kottonmouth Kings DVD “Ten Years Deep” includes a bonus feature that shows DJ Bobby B explaining his turntables and his technique.

In 2005 DJB reconnected with the members of “The Neighborhoods” now called “One Session” who Released Their Debut Album “DJ Bobby B Presents:The Hidden Treasures Vol.1” on Suburban Noize Records in the Early Part of 2006.

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