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The roots of the DGAF (an acronym for "Don't Give a F**k") movement  started back in the early '90s with the infamous Chucky Chuck. During  high school Chucky’s friends gave him the moniker after overdosing on  acid. From there, Chucky and longtime friend Gillies, a legend in the  South Bay area punk scene, adopted the term to describe their own  reckless lifestyles. With a thirst for motocross riding, surfing, and  skateboarding, the pair of misfits lived each day with no fear and only  a go big or stay home attitude. When creating a musical soundtrack for  the chaos they produce, Chucky and Gillies recruited none other than  Saint Dog (original frontman of Kottonmouth Kings) and his brother Big Hoss to join in the audio disruption.

DGAF was first introduced on a worldwide level through counterculture  icons the Kottonmouth Kings. During the late '90s, Gillies was roommates  with the Kings own DJ Bobby B and D-Loc in Redondo Beach, CA who were  quickly adopted into the DGAF family.

The group immediately began to  create t-shirts sporting the group’s moniker with stencils and  spray-paint in the garage to accompany their DGAF tattoos. Within months  of rocking sold out shows, the DGAF movement had gone from the tattoos  on their bodies to a worldwide cultivation of misfits, stoners, and  adrenaline junkies.  The group’s sound is the sonic equivalent of the Sex Pistols crashing  head on with N.W.A. DGAF’s toxic musical brew is an unapologetic middle  finger to everyone and everything that stands in their path.  

No matter what side of the line you stand on it's impossible to ignore  DGAF's in-your-face message. This four-piece crew is ready to crack  skulls and celebrate the only way they how; by packaging the insanity of their day to day lives into one harsh audible blunt.

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