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Reggae / Dub / Punk

What happens when Jamaican Roots Rock Reggae meets East Coast Punk? The only words to describe this phenomenon can be broken down into eight powerful syllables: Barry and the Penetrators.

As the Penetrators get ready to put out their third album, they are poised to break new ground but don't worry, this quartet of dominant Jersey Shore music makers won't be forgetting the melting pot of musical genres where they first cut their teeth.

Over seven years, hundreds of shows, and thousands of sold cd's later, the Penetrators are at it again. Winter 2006 shows no signs of slowing down for the band that has garnered honors at no less than the past four Asbury Park Music Awards ceremonies. They've got an album to press, fans to please, and they're in the studio rippin' it up now.

It's lifestyle music, pure and simple. Surf by day, cruisin' rat rods when it's flat, partying into the night, and embracing every minute of it. The Penetrators invite you to experience their patented blend of musical craftsmanship touched with a good dose of ass-kicking energy. They place a high emphasis on live and recorded material, to the delight of an ever-growing fan base hungry for more Penetrators.

The successful Beaver Country has sold well over 10 ,000 copies, and their music is heard in 20 countries from the rockin' shores of Brazil to the bumpin' beaches down under in Australia. Having shared the stage with the likes of Bouncing Souls, Burning Spear, Eek-A-Mouse, Skunk Records' Slightly Stoopid, and The Wailers, Barry and his crew of kinetically charged musicians take you for one hell of a ride.

But it's about more than the music. Supporting causes as diverse as ocean pollution and cancer research are as much a part of this bands repertoire as tearing the roof off any room they play. The Penetrators have continued the sometimes forgotten art of playing to each and every fan. An active street team, thoughtfully produced concert artwork, and dedication to their fans has the masses coming back time and time again. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Barry and the Penetrators may rock you. They may soothe you or entice you to riot. But they will always surprise you. Their latest album, not yet titled, is due to be released in late Spring. Until then, don't miss a chance to see the band that grew up in Springsteens' backyard but decided to punk it up, dub it up, and skank it up, rock-Rasta style.

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