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Unwritten Law Chooses a Winner!


In September, the band reached out to the fans to design the cover for their upcoming album SWAN.  After dozens of enteries were submitted the band deliberated and chose three final winners. 

Here is a message from the band:

We would like to thank everyone involved in the swan cover art contest.. Everyone’s submissions are greatly appreciated.. We might be using some of the alternative art for shirts, stickers, etc.. We will contact the artist individually in these cases.. We want everyone submitted to be involved in the year of the “swan”.. It was a hard decision but we have our covers.. Yeah, cover’s, plural.. We are going to be using 3 different submissions for 3 different covers.. Advanced hard copy’s, internet copies and actual retail hard copies..

The winners are: Erin Rea with the “fly” design, and Jeremy Parker for the “feather” and the “Waiting for a Change”(He did both of them). We will be making a couple of adjustments on all 3 and will be contacting the artist directly..

We really want to thank and congratulate Erin and Jeremy for their time, love and art.. It truly means a lot to all of us in the unwritten camp.. We would like to again extend another thank you to all other artist involved..

“Swan” has been mixed and is now going into the mastering phase.. It will be released early 2011 so get ready..

Thanks again and we look forward to breaking shit with all law fans around the world in 2011..

Scott PK Steve Dylan
Unwritten Law

Here are the Winners!