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After quite a long hiatus, is back and better than ever!!  Please have a look around and enjoy all of the archived media including some music videos that haven't been seen in years!!  See that "Email Updates" subscription link to the left?  Make sure to click that to sign up for our e-mail newsletter so you can get the latest and greatest from Suburban Noize Records directly to your inbox!  Since we're still in the process of moving -- if you've signed up for a list with us before, please feel free to sign up again to ensure you start receiving updates right away!!

Some of you may be asking yourself WTF happened?  Well all I can say in with humility is that we had a terrible experience with a local web company -- the site is still far from complete but we wanted to start gettin' you all the latest as soon as possible!!

Make sure you Join the Our Community (Register Here!) --  You and your friends can start building and sharing your profiles now for when we launch our Die Hards section!!  This section will allow you to sort through a Suburban Noize Myspace-ish land of fun!  You can post on yours and your friend's wall, upload photos, build an about me section, claim your Suburban Noize collection from our catalog and display them on your profile and more!!  When the 'Die Hards' section launches girls and guys will be able to submit themselves to be chosen as Top Queen and King!

Have you been wanting to submit a demo?  Save the stamps!!  You can now submit your demos by uploading the mp3 directly to our site to have users (and our staff) listen and rate the music!!  You'll need to make an account with our site to upload music for your band -- please make sure to use good contact information so we can find you when we wanna sign you!!  Click Here to Visit our Demos Section

If you experience any problems with the site during these next few weeks please forgive our growing pains as we work out all the kinks!!  If you DO have any problems, run into any errors, etc PLEASE Contact Us with the a link to the page you were on when you had the problem and the best description of what you were doing (or trying to do) when the error occured.  Click Here to Visit our Contact Page  And so you know, currently comments are on approval basis so please be patient and avoid double posting!!

Where are the photo galleries?? That's a damn good question... the.. people that were building our site, as I said previously left the site unfinished leaving several sections barely functionable.  This included the image galleries.  To make up for this BS -- we will be posting flash galleries (with full screen options) to all of the artists pages within the next few weeks to hold all of the photos we have in the vault!!  Speaking of photos in the vault, in my office there is this blue box-- inside of this box might as well be solid gold.  It is Brad X's collection of photos, clippings, flyers, and ticket stubs, and every other promotional goodie you could possiblly scan into a computer -- some crazy shit is in this box.. all the way back to the Royal Highness days.... but that's all to come ;)  I need to get someone to scan these pieces of gold for all of you to enjoy!!

Yikes!  The search is so... intense!  You're right about that!  It's good that all of you are smart enough to go to "Artists" for the Kottonmouth Kings rather than relying on our shytty search to find their profile!  Don't worry, we're working on this.. it's near the top of the list!

What else is missing?  Well, quite frankly -- it's exciting as pie to have a site again so who cares what's missing for now... ENJOY THE SITE and play nice!!

P.S. - I think the profile wall comment approval system is acting up so we are sorry in advance!!  Growing Pains!  One love


Kush the virgo
when are you guys gonna have the links to find friends add people and view my music and theirs?