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Madchild Contest Winner Brooklyn Payne

The Warrior, Brooklyn Payne, is an award winning tattoo artist recently took part in the CT Tattoo Convention in PA. Payne Payne took home 4 awards at CT Tattoo Convention, and Tattoo of the day over MANY Celeb Artist including.. LA Ink's Amy Nicoletto, World famous Stefino Alcantara, Philadelphia Eddie, Inkmasters Al Fliction, Best Ink's Alexis Kovacs & Jon Mesa, George Galindo, Erick Diaz, Hal Sawyer, Kirt Silver, Scott Marshall & then about 250 other artists in the building......NOT EASY to be the BEST in the room. Look up any of these artist and you can see its some of the best tattoo artists in the world.. Payne has tattooed Slaine, Bizzare of D12, King Gordy, Danny Diablo, Adlib, JoJo Pilegrino and even Vanilla Ice. Salute brother! Proud to have you as part of the fam.
Check out more of Payne's work @
Watch the commercial where the fellow Warrior, Dave Riveria, gets tattooed in his shop "The Ink Spot" in Slatington, PA by Payne. The track in the video is "Worldwide Ink" - Adlib ft. Madchild.

Congrats Brooklyn Payne. You are the best that has ever done it. keep up the awesome work. PABAXWAR stand up