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Juggalo News reviews LOADED


Mickey Avalon - JuggaloNews Review:

I don't remember last night. I woke up with an empty bottle of pills and
a half-naked girl passed out in my bed. She's got a gun tucked in her
panties and a fifth in her hand. My vision's blurry and I don't know
where I am, but I feel good and I notice a CD that's still looping in
the background. It's Mickey Avalon's new album, "Loaded". Suddenly it
all starts coming back to me… I was captivated by the album from the
first track on, but I had to listen to it a few times before I really
knew what was going on. It's not like anything that I've ever really
heard before. Mickey Avalon's delivery stands out first. The beat and
flow is cool, chill hip hop with rock 'n roll roots. This is your
favorite Subnoize album on pain killers and weed; throw a bit of alcohol
in the mix, and then when you least expect it… take a couple shots of
adrenaline to restart. That's "Loaded". Mickey Avalon captures the
unforgettable moments in life and immortalizes them in musical form.
Everything from perfect days and love to dirty sex and drug abuse, the
emotions and imagery on this album lead you everywhere from nirvana to
the dark slums of your mind. Each track leaves you craving for more as
Mickey Avalon takes you deep into subjects that most are afraid to
touch. "Loaded" is a unique, honest, and an incredibly dynamic album
with something for everyone to fall in love with. Whether you're into
dark, twisted themes or happy and positive vibes, it's got somethin' for
ya. Take a chance, and put it on. You'll be vibing to it for a long,
long time. Oh and kids, you'll want to hide this album from your parents.