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D-Loc Presents Rollin' Papers (Look at Me Now [Remix])


D-Loc is definitely a big hip-hop head, who has gone on to release at least three solo projects, the latest being Subnoize Collabos, which dropped in December. As a fan of hip-hop, D-Loc chose to record a special track/music video for fans, over Chris Brown's hit single, "Look At Me Now." D-Loc's version is called "Rollin Papers."

"I'm from California and they play this on the radio all the time! When I first heard it the beat, I thought to myself, 'This sh** is sick!' Chris Brown, Busta and Lil Wayne verses were all dope," said D-Loc. "I basically just wanted to bust on the beat for all our fans and flex my skills a bit. The video was real simple, one camera shoot about rollin' papers, because I'm always getting that paper and rolling. This track was a lot of fun to do and I got a lot more coming!"

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