Subnoize Souljaz by Subnoize Souljaz
1. Frontline f/ Just Cause, Daddy X, Judge D, Big B, D-Loc, Richter, Saint Dog, Chucky Styles, Dirtball, Big Hoss and Pakelika
2. Keep A Look Out f/ Richter, D-Loc, Judge D
3. Crazy f/ Big B
4. Souljaz Story f/ Judge D and Richter
5. Summertime f/ Richter, Big B, and Saint Dog
6. Dust 2 Dust f/ D-Loc and Judge D
7. P.P.P.PIMP f/ Dirtball, Saint Dog and Just Cause
8. One By One f/ Taxman, Judge D, Big B, Chucky Styles
9. Live Life Quick f/ Big B, Just Cause, Saint Dog
10. We Bad f/ Dirtball, Chucky Styles and Just Cause
11. Let's Ride f/ D-Loc, Richter and Daddy X AKA Kottonmouth Kings
12. Subnoize Tribe f/ Big B, Saint Dog, and Judge D
13. Push Up ya Knucks f/ Dirtball and Daddy X
14. Drama f/ Johne Necro from OPM and Saint Dog
15. Never Gonna Hold Me Down f/ TJ Lavin and Richter
Catalog ID: NZE39
UPC: 67395100392
US Rel. Date: 02/15/2005
Formats: CD
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