mBugout City by BLESTeNATION
1. We'll Die
2. 730 Strong
3. Beat 'Em Up Witness
4. Blackout
5. Never See Them Crack
6. Just Walking By
7. Simmer Down
8. Ghosts
9. They're Coming For You
10. Make Way
11. Sally
12. Never Let Your Guard Down
13. Like it Or Not
14. In a Hurry
15. Permanent Scar
Catalog ID: NZE170
US Rel. Date: 04/13/2010
Formats: CD
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mBugout City



BLESTeNATION is three crazy ass bugged out white boys from MBugout City. MC's Various and Werdplay make up the group with DJ/Producer Fafu. Together they bring an intense new sound to the world of hip hop in a way that has never been done before. From touring with Scarface and Erik Sermon to collaborating with Method Man, Blestenation puts in more work than a crack ho before Christmas.

Previously signed to Geffen Records and called by Jimmy Iovine "the most promising act I've signed since Nine Inch Nails," SUBURBAN NOIZE RECORDS is extremely excited to announce the signing of BLESTENATION. This group of misfits has been the center of controversy after their reckless behavior got them kicked off of Warped Tour, into fist fights inside the SONY Music offices and got them kicked out of the Teen Choice Awards after throwing American Idol's Ryan Seacrest off the stage!