American Underdog by Big B
1. To the Moon
2. Hot Woman f/ The Dirtball
3. Criminal
4. F**cked in Vegas
5. Life Lessons
6. Drink More f/ Johnny Richter
7. Sinner f/ Scott Russo of Unwritten Law
8. Let It Rain
9. Supastar f/ Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings
10. Born 2 Ride f/ Jared of Hed P.E
11. Trouble
12. Play These Cards
13. Money f/ John E Necro
14. Sunday
15. Tattooed Queen
16. Gotta Do
17. Let's Go Play
18. Hi Dad
19. In My City
Catalog ID: NZE114
US Rel. Date: 03/24/2009
Formats: CD
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American Underdog

Big B


With his new studio effort, "American Underdog", Big B has elevated his sound to the next level while keeping that White Trash Hooligan sound we all have grown to love. Big B has produced a career defining album that will solidify him as one of Suburban Noize’s most solid characters. Please support your favorite fat guy and buy his album because his sponsors are going to give you a bunch of free stuff just because!!!!