Stories of Survival by Authority Zero
1. Intro
2. The New Pollution
3. A Day To Remember
4. Brick In The Way
5. Get It Right
6. Big Bad World
7. Break The Mold
8. Crashland
9. Liberateducation
10. Movement
11. The Remedy
12. No Way Home
Catalog ID: NZE192
US Rel. Date: 06/22/2010
Formats: CD
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Stories of Survival

The album begins with a sample of Winston Churchill’s “Blood, Sweat, Tears and Toil” speech as the opening chords to "The New Pollution" kick in and DeVore laments about the current state of corruption in the music industry. The band seamlessly shifts to reggae for the socio-political observations in "Big Bad World" as the album runs the gamut of musical styles from driving punk rock to ska and reggae.