Joint Venture by Kottonmouth Kings
1. I'm Hungry
2. Why Oh Why
3. SRH
4. Radio Head
5. In God We Trust (feat. Dogboy)
6. Better Daze
7. Put It Down (Vaporized Remix feat. Cypress Hill)
8. It's Still a Dogs Life (feat. Dogboy)
9. Kingspade - Interlude
10. We Back - Kingspade
11. The Game - Kingspade
12. Daddy X - Interlude
13. Power, Greed, Lies, & Money(feat.
14. U Are Everything - Daddy X
15. Flip The Script Remix - Interlude
16. Bottoms Up (Last Call Remix)
17. Bad Habits (Rehab Remix)
18. F*ck The Industry 2 (Let 'Em Know Remix feat. Tech N9ne)
19. Fire It Up (Smoked Out Remix)
20. Rip The Night Away (Sunrise Reprise Remix)
21. DJ Bobby B Presents One Session
22. Get Cash - One Session
23. Live Today (Revival Mix)
Catalog ID: NZE49
US Rel. Date: 11/15/2005
Formats: CD / DVD
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Joint Venture

Kottonmouth Kings “Joint Ventures”  was released on 11/15/05  and features 6 NEW KMK TRACKS and Remixes of your favorite Kottonmouth Kings songs! It also includes bonus DVD features a complete anthology of Kottonmouth Kings videos, plus 3 new videos from no. 7 "King Klick", "Peace of Mind" and "Put it Down" featuring Cypress Hill.