Hidden Stash III by Kottonmouth Kings
1. Still Smokin (feat D Loc , Richter ,X , Saint)
2. Feels So Good (feat D Loc)
3. Underground Life (feat X, Big B)
4. Things I Do pt 2 (feat Johnny Richter)
5. Chronic Weed (feat Richter, Judge D)
6. Legalize or Legal Lies (feat X, Pakelika)
7. Police Story (feat D Loc , X, Richter)
8. Dust to Dust (feat D Loc , Judge D)
9. One Life (feat X , Richter , Judge D)
10. Pimpin Lessons (feat D Loc, X, Richter)
11. Set Me Free (feat X, Saint)
12. Karma (feat D Loc , X , Richter)
13. The Bomb (feat Daddy X)
14. Hit That (feat Richter, Big B)
15. Judgement Time (feat Richter , Judge D)
16. Same Ole Story (feat X, Dirtball)
17. Wake n Bake Long Version (feat Daddy X)
18. My Selecta (feat DJ Bobby B, Dog Boy)
19. Keep a Lookout (feat D Loc , Richter, Judge D)
20. Something for Your Stereo (feat X, Saint)
21. Remember Me (feat Richter, Judge D)
22. Last Daze (feat X, Dog Boy , Big B)
23. Lets Ride (feat D Loc, Richter , X)
24. Pay Back (feat D Loc , Judge D)
25. Lottery Remix (feat D Loc, X, Richter)
26. Hey Batter (feat The Dirtball, X)
27. Summertime (feat Richter, Big B, Saint)
28. Losin Streak (feat X, Judge D)
29. Flyin High (feat X, Chucky Styles, The Dirtball, Pakelika)
30. Half Empty Remix (feat X, Big B, D Loc)
31. Mind Bender (feat Daddy X)
32. Rip n Tear (feat X, Chucky Styles, Saint)
33. Power Trippin (feat Judge D, X)
34. Money (feat Daddy X)
35. Bad Luck n Trouble (feat One Session, X, Dog Boy)
36. Peace of Mind price remix (feat Kottonmouth Kings)
Catalog ID: NZE73
US Rel. Date: 11/21/2006
Formats: 2CD + [Lim
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Hidden Stash III

The Kottonmouth Kings find themselves at the forefront of being the music of choice for the moto, skate, and action sport life style movement with huge support from their constantly growing fanatical and loyal fan base. The CD contains 36 tracks featuring Kottonmouth Kings members on 2 CD, plus bonus DVD with 26 videos. This will be a definite classic to add to your Kottonmouth Kings collection.