Cloud 9 by Kottonmouth Kings
1. Controlled Substance
2. Livin Proof
3. Marijuana
4. Think 4 Yourself
5. No Escape
6. Litas
7. One Day
8. City 2 City
9. Pass It Around
10. Ridin High
11. P.T.B.
12. Riddled (Interlude)
13. Drunk With Power
14. It Aint Easy
15. Loadies
16. Don't Make Me Beg
17. Everyday Thang
18. All Or Nothing
19. Dark Side
20. Free Willy
21. Time To Get High
22. Proud To Be A Stoner
Catalog ID: NZE79
US Rel. Date: 08/28/2007
Formats: CD / DVD
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Cloud 9

Cloud Nine is the ninth and most adventurous studio album to date. From America's notorious underground music force the Kottonmouth Kings, Cloud Nine takes listeners on a sonic journey of sinister hip-hop and stony vibrations. Rip-hop (punk rock + hip-hop) originators the Kottonmouth Kings go back to their roots to create some of the sickest sounds to date. Cloud Nine contains 22 tracks plus a full length DVD which features the video for the Kottonmouth Kings / Insane Clown Posse track "Think 4 Yourself"! The DVD takes fans deep inside the Kottonmouth kingdom. Cloud Nine also includes impressive collaborations, these tracks include appearances by Tech Nine, Insane Clown Posse, and Cypress Hill. Cloud Nine promises to be the biggest release to date from the Kottonmouth Kings!