Greatest Highs by Kottonmouth Kings
1. Where’s The Weed At
2. Full Throttle
3. Bump
4. Put It Down Kottonmouth Kings featuring Cypress Hill
5. Fire It Up
6. First Class
7. City 2 City Kottonmouth Kings featuring Tech N9ne and Big Kriss Kalico
8. 4-2-0
9. Peace Of Mind
10. Tell Me Why
11. Outcast
12. King Klick
13. Day Dreamin’ Fazes
14. Tangerine Sky
15. Friends
16. Bad Habits
17. Rest Of My Life
18. Dog’s Life Kottonmouth Kings featuring Too Rude and Dog-Boy
19. Positive Vibes
20. Can Anybody Hear Me?*
21. Everybody Move
22. Suburban Life
23. Livin’ Proof
24. Bring It On
25. King’s Blend
26. Sub-Noize Rats
27. SRH
28. The Lottery
29. Think 4 Yourself Kottonmouth Kings featuring Insane Clown Posse
30. Float Away
31. Peace Not Greed Kottonmouth Kings featuring Jack Grisham of TSOL and Corporate Avenger
32. Dying Daze
33. Bong Tokin’ Alcoholics
34. Gone Git High
35. So High
36. Life Rolls On
37. Life Ain’t What It Seems
38. No Future*
39. Rip The Night Away
40. Rip The Night Away
41. Rip The Night Away
Catalog ID: C24M-17529
US Rel. Date: 01/15/2008
Formats: 2 CD
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Greatest Highs

Rap-metal outfit Kottonmouth Kings hails from Orange County, California, and makes music that is rooted in that region's aggressive punk tradition. But instead of taking political stances, Kottonmouth Kings sing about the necessity of marijuana, self-expression, and living large.

GREATEST HIGHS is a double album that acts as a retrospective for the Kings, serving up 39 tracks of hazy head-banging noise. The set will serve as a perfect summation for staunch fans, and a good entry point for the curious. The track "Suburban Life," which appeared in the film SCREAM 2 and brought the band to national recognition, is one of the highlights.

Photographer: Barry Underhill.

Liner Note Author: Daddy X.

Additional personnel: Cypress Hill, Insane Clown Posse, Jack Grisham, Krizz Kaliko.