The Green Album by Kottonmouth Kings
1. Legacy
2. Super Hero
3. Free World
4. What U In 4
5. Sex Toy
6. Rainfall
7. So Cal
8. Green Grass
9. Time
10. Stand
11. Puff N Tuff
12. Blaze of Glory
13. Rock Like Us
14. Trippin
15. Pack Your Bowls
16. K.O.T.T.O.N.M.O.U.T.H Song
17. Don't Give A F*ck
18. Happy
19. Where I'm Going?
20. Plant A Seed Kottonmouth Kings “Hidden Stash”
Catalog ID: NZE101
UPC: 673951010123
US Rel. Date: 10/28/2008
Formats: CD
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The Green Album

The Green Album is the tenth studio full length from one of independent music’s most resilient and tested groups…twelve years into their career the Kottonmouth Kings have finished a timeless masterpiece. The Kings selected 21 prime cuts out of over 60 recorded over a 6-month stretch.  The Kings will be donating a percentage of profits from The Green Album to environmental causes.  The Green Album is definitely the Kings most defining work to date and should etch the Kottonmouth Kings legacy in time forever!!!