Throw Your Spades Up! by Kingspade
1. Spaded Jaded And Faded
2. This That Beat
3. Who's Down
4. We Ridin'
5. Drunk In Da Club
6. Who Run This
7. Neighborhood Trends
8. The Deal
9. Lifestyles
10. Down 4 Da Krown
11. Tsunami Brothers
12. That's The Shit
13. Smokin' Doja
14. Havin' Fun
15. P-Town
16. That's How It Goes
17. High Ridaz
18. Same Ol' Bitches
19. Life
Catalog ID: NZE110
US Rel. Date: 03/10/2009
Formats: CD / DVD
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Throw Your Spades Up!



CD Includes Bonus Disc of Shakey Bonez "Dog Treats Featuring George"

After riding a wave of success with counterculture icons The Kottonmouth Kings that included hitting #39 on the Billboard Top 200, headlining this year’s Cannabis Cup, and gracing the cover of High Times magazine, the dynamic duo of D-Loc and Johnny Richter have returned to wreak havoc once again on March 10th, 2009 with their first ever live album entitled “Throw Your Spades Up”. The set will include both a CD and DVD version of Kingspade’s now legendary performance at Hollywood's legendary Key Club, where the group performed tracks from their self-titled debut and sophomore effort, “P.T.B”. The album will also include a bonus disc containing a brand new studio album from D-Loc’s side-project Shakey Bonez entitled “Dog Treats Featuring George”.

Shakey Bonez is the DJ alter ego of Kottonmouth Kings/Kingspade frontman D-Loc. Showcasing his impressive skills scratching on the turntables, Shakey Bonez allows D-Loc to roam into uncharted territories by revealing and his thirst for ambient side. Shakey new studio album entitled, “Dog Treats Featuring George”, features guest appearances from Pakelika on “It’s Working” and Sub Noize alumni Judge D on the track “South Park”.