Mainstream Outlaw by X Clan
1. Down By Law
2. Night 2 Day
3. Thru My Eyez
4. Prime Time Lyrics
5. The Lord Spits
6. Pipers Poetry
7. Orientation
8. Still Up In The Game
9. They Wanna Know
10. Do It Like You?!
11. Keys To Ur City
12. Wiz Degrees
13. Armageddon DNA
14. Stop, Look, Recognize
Catalog ID: NZE109
US Rel. Date: 01/27/2009
Formats: CD
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Mainstream Outlaw

X Clan


Peace this is Bro. J of X Clan. I want to thank all of X Clan s soldiers , veterans and the new heads for supporting us on tour, internet and the record shops.

I am excited to announce the new X Clan project named "Mainstream Outlawz" 14 new bangers including songs with Bun B of UGK, freestyle champion Supanatural, project blowed legends Medusa and Phoenix Orion and more.

Keeping consistent with power production I have tracks from production legends Dj Slip, Touch Tone, The Are of the Trackmasters, Apakalips and more. Check out the new single and video Down by Law, scheduled to release Early January. Stay tuned for touring schedules and updates.

2009 marks the 20th anniversary of our first album "To the East Blackwards". Our new album will reflect how real microphone OG s keep it timeless, Support conscious music!

Spread the word. Freedom music is taking back the game.

Bro. J of X Clan