New World Orphans by (hed) p.e.
1. New World Intro
2. Live or Die Free
3. Bloodfire
4. Ordo Ab Chao
5. Stay Ready featuring The Dirtball
6. Family
7. Stepping Stone
8. Renegade
9. Everything All the Time
10. Mortgage Crisis Intro
11. Middle Class Blues
12. Flesh and Blood
13. Nibiru Intro
14. Planet X
15. Higher Ground featuring Kottonmouth Kings
16. A Soldiers Intro
17. Tow The Line
18. Self Aware
19. Lost History Intro
20. This Love
21. Here and Now
Catalog ID: NZE100
US Rel. Date: 01/13/2009
Formats: CD
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New World Orphans

(hed) p.e.


Embraced as one of the top underground acts on the independent scene. With the release of their seventh studio album, “New World Orphans (NWO)”, the band is once again ready to lead their family of new century youth into the promise land.  With every release (hed)p.e. pushes the boundaries of free speech and socially acceptable content. “For years I have been told to tune down my lyrics. But great art is supposed to push boundaries. That is what makes people take notice and question things. Provocative and thought provoking art leads to dialogue. And dialogue leads to answers. And that is what we all want isn’t it? Answers.” The record itself takes us back to some of HED PE's roots and delivers 21 tracks of blistering, metal, punk, funk and hip hop. This record is guaranteed to be a fan favorite.