Golden State of Mind by OPM
1. Feel The vibration (feat. Jim Perkins)
2. Family & Friends (feat. Big B)
3. Runaway
4. Tell Me What You Want (feat. Big B)
5. Dirty White (feat. Big B)
6. Honey (feat. Big B)
7. Square Peg (feat. Pato Banton)
8. Set It On Fire (feat. Jamie Allensworth)
9. Dub Op (feat. Johnny Richter)
10. Every Minute
11. Shoot
12. Like That (feat. Dirtball & Big B)
13. Addicted
14. Family & Friends (Saber Mix)
Catalog ID: NZE97
US Rel. Date: 09/02/2008
Formats: CD
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Golden State of Mind



What do you normally get after a hit of OPM? A huge rush to the head? The one in your trousers of course, a feeling of invincibility or that same old feeling when you wake up next to a crack whore without your pants & wallet, knowing you have definitely been done up the council grittier without any KY whatsoever, I know, the ultimate high we endeavor to look for in everything we do. Well, without resorting to the above or any lubrication whatsoever, I present to you the ultimate high, ‘Golden State Of Mind.