The D.i.Y. Guys by (hed) p.e.
1. Madhouse
2. Walk On By
3. Game Over
4. Peer Pressure
5. Sophia
6. The Truth
7. RTO
8. Niteclub In Ball
9. Put Em Up
10. War On The Middle Class
11. Ordo Ab Chao
12. Bloodfire
13. Real Talk
14. Untitled Bonus Track
Catalog ID: NZE426
US Rel. Date: 07/08/2008
Formats: CD/DVD
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The D.i.Y. Guys

(hed) p.e.


CD with their first DVD release by the band, filmed at Hollywood's Key Club. Five camera shoot in High-Def. Hed PE is an alternative rock / rapcore band from Huntington Beach, California. They fuse punk rock energy with Hip Hop lyrics and instrumentation to form a sound they call "G-punk" (a combination of G-funk and punk). They have also been known to experiment with various other musical genres, such as Reggae and Funk. These G-punks have developed a rabid fan base by touring 200 dates a year. Live concert and mockumentary inspired by the BBC version of the "The Office."