Crook County by The Dirtball
1. Intro
2. I'm Not
3. Mushroom Cloud f/ Daddy X
4. Speak
5. All in f/ Big B
6. Phantom Power
7. Taxman
8. Pitspit
9. Nightshade f/ CeeKay
10. Campfire 1
11. Crook County Killaz
12. Campfire 2
13. Moonshine Rhyme
14. Tried Trued + Tested f/ Boondox
15. Underground Biz
16. Just A Friend f/ Lady Love
17. Grind f/ J. Richter
18. More Kyrkogarden
19. Outro
Catalog ID: NZE92
US Rel. Date: 05/19/2008
Formats: CD
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Crook County

The Dirtball


After wreaking havoc on the road rocking sold out crowds across the county, Oregon based rapper The Dirtball is bringing it home with the release of his third solo offering..... Crook County.

Crook County features guest appearances by some of the heaviest hitters in the underground and detonates an explosive line of of powerhouse collaborations.  "Just a Friend"  utilizes the breathtaking melody of Lady Love to craft an infections track about the hardships of maintaining relationships while out on the road , Daddy X of Kottonmouth Kings Drops by on "mushroom Cloud" to expose the Dirtball's psychedelic eating habits, LaCoka Nostra's CeeKay rips through the track "nightshade" and Psychopathic Records' Boondox, drops some rock flavor on the track "Tried, True and Tested".