Dagger Mouth by Swollen Members
1. Do Or Die
2. The Shining
3. Fire
4. Mr. Impossible
5. Calming of the Beast (Interlude)
6. Moonshine
7. House of Sin
8. Chemical Imbalance
9. Night Vision
10. Fresh Air
11. War Money
12. The Predator
13. Devil
14. White Python/Black Tarantula/Sound of the Drum
15. Electric Chair
16. Bring Me Down (Swollen Mix Feat. Saigon)
Catalog ID: BAT274
UPC: 673951027428
US Rel. Date: 04/12/2011
Formats: CD
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Dagger Mouth

"Along with Dilated Peoples and Hieroglyphics, we come from an era of hip-hop that was a raw and pure art form”
- Madchild of Swollen Members

From the release of their debut album Balance in 1999, Swollen Members captivated the underground hip-hop world with live shows that took the raw explosive energy of rock music and powered it with the group’s jaw dropping lyrical abilities. The group’s universal appeal caught the attention of both underground and mainstream audiences and while earning accolades, as well as Juno Awards in their native Canada.  The group has gone on to sell over 250,000 units in the United States.  Over the years the group has collaborated with Everlast, Psycho Realm, Evidence, The Alchemist, Planet Asia, Chali 2Na, Nelly Furtado, Talib Kweli, and Tech N9ne
With emcee Madchild now free from his addiction to pain killers and having exorcised all his demons, he has returned to Swollen Members with a vengeance to record their seventh studio album Dagger Mouth. From the powerful production of Rob The Viking to the dark poetic abstract expressionism of Madchild and Prevail, Dagger Mouth is a return to the classic Swollen Members sound by harnessing the group’s savage and chaotic energy into one focused and commanding effort.