Shoot To Kill by X Pistols
1. P in the Punk
2. Wild Side
3. Beware
4. Suffocation
5. Let the Haters Hate
6. Shoot To Kill
7. Unplug
8. 1 Foot in the Grave
9. Showdown
10. Here We Go
11. Trapped In A Maze
12. American Freedom
13. I Hate Pigs
14. Livin by the Gun
15. Lights Out
16. Draggin Me Down
17. Love and Tragedy
18. Lock Load Fight Win
Catalog ID: NZE209
UPC: 673951020924
US Rel. Date: 01/18/2011
Formats: CD
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Shoot To Kill

X Pistols


Full Throttle, Turn & Burn Rip Hop! 18 blistering tracks to fry your wigs and torch the town!! The X Pistols come out guns a blazing on the new album Shoot To Kill brought to you by Daddy X & The Dirtball from the Kottonmouth Kings as well as members of OC legends D.I.!! You have been warned!! Strictly for the hardcore.